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Kimchi Pan Cake

Kimchi Pan Cake

Ingredients (Serve 4)

cup of water 1/4, Bibigo Kimchi 500g, onion 1/2, salt 1T/S, sugar 1T/S, Korean Pan Cake Powder 500g, vegetable oil 2T/S

  • Recipe

    1⁾ In a bowl, place 1 cup of chopped Bibigo kimchi, 3 tbs of kimchi juice, 2 tbs chopped onion, ½ ts salt, ½ ts sugar, ½ cup  Pan Cake Powder and  ¼ cup of water and mix it well with a spoon.
    2⁾ Heat up a 12 inch non-stick pan over medium high heat and drizzle
    about  2 tbs grape seed oil.
    3⁾ Place the mixture of kimchi pancake batter on the pan and spread it thinly and evenly with a spoon.
    4⁾ Cook it for 1 to 1½ minutes until the bottom gets golden brown and crispy.
    2⁾ Turn it over with a spatula or flip it.

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